About me? Wow... where do I begin?

Maybe I'll tell you about some of the jobs I've had?

I've been a builder, a bouncer, worked at a garbage dump, drove a taxi,  worked on board cruise ships selling underwear, and was a British Bobby for ten years or so.

I've performed stand-up comedy, acted on stage and screen, and I regularly appear on radio stations all around the UK. I've made films for the BBC and written for The Guardian newspaper and Liverpool and Manchester Confidential Magazines.

A few years back I won the Peoples Choice award at the "It's Liverpool" film awards.

I make amazing coffee, and spend my days looking out of windows whilst drinking it.

I live just outside Liverpool, England and I am not very good at writing "about me" sections of websites.

About two years ago, after a long and lonely night of driving a taxi for a living, a chicken sandwich changed my life.

It's a long story, so I'll try and keep it short, but that sandwich caused me to sit up instead of falling into bed.

I saw something on TV that made me ask myself a question, a simple question, just four words, but I couldn't find the answer.

So I did what writers do:

I wrote.

What I ended up writing became my first novel, The Darkest Hour, and when Harper Collins came knocking my life changed forever.

All thanks to a sandwich... makes you think doesn't it?

A lot of people ask me:

"Who is the 'Boo' on the book dedication page?"

So while I've got the chance I thought I'd share his picture with you.

He was the best friend a man could ever have, he was my dog. He was with me during the bad times, when I was homeless and sleeping in a car, and during the good times, when we were running on the beach or cuddling on a warm couch.

He's gone now, but he was with me every step of the way with The Darkest Hour, and he deserves remembering for that, and much much more.